Victorian Era

The Gift
What can I give you, my lord, my lover,

You who have given the world to me,

Showed me the light and the joy that cover

The wild sweet earth and the restless sea?

All that I have are gifts of your giving

If I give them again, you would find them old,

And your soul would weary of always living

Before the mirror my life would hold.

What shall I give you, my lord, my lover?

The gift that breaks the heart in me:

I bid you awake at dawn and discover

I have gone my way and left you free.
Sara Teesdale

This poem speaks of someone who wants to know the gift they need to return to God or Lover because they have already given them so much.  He would like to repay them for what he has gotten to experience.  I enjoyed reading this poem and sometimes have the same prayer going out to God.


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